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We're the lawyers who will cut you out of your problems

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Who are we?

We're Zdenek and Martinand together we've established Advocuts. Years of advocacy practice have taught us what our major strength lies in: we're not afraid of getting into disputes, and in crisis communication, we feel like a fish in the water.

Kdo jsme


We're your investment, which will appreciate and elevate your business.

"In my line of work, it is essential to have partners around me who are proactive, flexible, and able to understand the specifics of my field. After finding Advocuts, I finally feel like I'm dealing with someone who truly wants to and can understand me. I also appreciate their communication and the possibility of solving many things by phone or online."

Roman Werner - CEO
Gray Dot

"Without legal advice from Advocuts, we would hardly have transformed our idea into a functioning company. The aspects which we must consider as a technological startup are highly complex. Whether it's establishing contractual relationships with suppliers, investors, and service providers or addressing intellectual property or commercial law. Fortunately, Mr. Solil and Mr. Horák are always highly reliable. I especially appreciate how they can empathize with our role and always search for the best solution tailored perfectly to us."

Jiří Dužár - Co-founder

"Lawyers can be divided into theorists and practitioners. If someone knows the law only
from the law collections and documents, it will not help you much. If someone has ‘lived’ the law, attending meetings or courts, it will be far more useful for you and your business. In this regard, Advocuts' lawyers have bypassed the equator several times. Their answers to our questions are not in the style of ‘could have, would have, maybe’ but rather ‘do it this way because that's usually the best way.’ And that's precisely what you want to hear."

Michal "Radar" Vratny
Chief Instructor
Iron ball

"We can't imagine buying our land to construct a family house without your help. We sought your professional service as we got lost in purchase contracts. I believe that you will help many more families. Your quick action plan was excellent, and so was the price. You don't have to pay a fortune to have peace of mind. So thank you!”

The Rykers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I meet you? Does your office have parking?

We are located in the City Element building in Prague's Pankrác district, where you can also park comfortably. If it makes your life easier, we can also come to you, or alternatively, we can meet at one of the other nine branches of Scott.Weber offices in Prague.


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We are lawyers of the digital age - flexible, always online, and without stacks of papers. Write us:

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