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Who we are

We're Zdenek and Martin and together we've established Advocuts. Years of advocacy practice have taught us what our major strength lies in: we're not afraid of getting into disputes, and in crisis communication, we feel like a fish in the water.

We follow the golden rule "measure twice, cut once". We can patiently strive for an agreement and propose constructive solutions. In cases where the peaceful journey comes to an end, we can be sharp and assertive. We will say and listen to the unpleasant things, so you don't have to deal with them. 

We are not alone in cutting clients out of their problems. We have built a substantial network of cooperating lawyers who are experts in their fields. You can turn to Advocuts with anything. We will always propose quality and all-out legal services.

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JUDr. Martin Solil

Martin completed his master's degree at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 2013. During his student years, he was collecting his first law practice experiences at the
renowned law firm Havel & Holásek.

Subsequently, he worked as a trainee lawyer in the "family" law firm Solil, Linke, Richtr & spol. From 2014, he has also gained extensive experience in almost all fields of law at the law firm Arzinger & Partners, where he met his current business partner Zdeněk.

For several months he also practiced at the District Court of Prague-East, where he had the opportunity to look into the decision-making process of judges, among other things. 

In 2016, within a few months, he successfully passed the bar exams, defended a rigorous career, and welcomed his first child. In 2017, Martin fully dived into a legal life of an attorney, where he treats his clients as devotedly as his own family of four. 

Thanks to his previous experiences, Martin focuses mainly on our clients' litigation and dispute agenda - in criminal, civil, or commercial law. Martin concentrates on negotiating compromises and arguing on behalf of our clients before civil and criminal courts. When not working, Martin spends time with his family and loves to go for a run after work to clear
his head.

You can contact me using the contact form or by email .


Mgr. Zdeněk Horák

Zdeněk completed his master's degree at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 2014. However, he has been working in advocacy since 2010, when he joined the law firm Arzinger & Partners as a student. He gained a lot of valuable experience here, and after completing his studies, he commenced his law trainee internship here.

After passing the bar exams, Zdeněk went on to become an independent lawyer and soon after joined forces with his friend Martin. The most favoured job for Zdeněk is legal disputes. However, a large part of his work also consists of dispute prevention - he provides his clients with thorough legal service, preparation of contracts, and advisory in civil, commercial, and labor law.

Zdeněk's clientele often consists of companies operating in the real estate market and startups. Still, he also provides services to clients from the public sphere, primarily focused on public procurement. Zdeněk has no problem providing legal services in English. He enjoys playing tennis after work.

You can contact me using the contact form or by email .


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