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We're experts in a broad spectrum of legal services.

Intellectual property and ICT law

Today, there is an associated emerging need for some form of intellectual property for almost every new or already established business or any other form of your creative activity. And that needs to be adequately protected.

Do you already have an intellectual property legally treated, but do you need to sell it properly or provide it to someone else for a fee?

Even in this case, we are ready to appropriately inspect your existing intellectual property and supervise or manage it accordingly to your wishes. It can be the know-how of your business, project documentation for your future house, or, for example, your own developed software.

When it comes to software development (or software development of your business partners), the need to manage and solve any legal relations is always associated. We address all; the legal framework for such development, cyber security, and software content protection.

Software development or management agreements are as common as a lease or purchase contracts. We are ready to support you completely and effectively in this area.

Litigation or representation in disputes

If you asked us which of the legal services we enjoy the most, it would be resolving our client's disputes, from those of a business nature to any other legal disputes that may arise in everyday life.

We empathise with and understand our clients, deliver constructive advice, and start solving their situations immediately. When all efforts for out-of-court negotiations fail, we are not afraid to protect their interests before the courts or other authorities, whether they are criminal or financial.

When you think all the solutions have already failed you, we roll up our sleeves and go for the win. We save your time and, last but not least, your nerves.


We are delighted to help our clients with the first steps of their newly emerging companies, usually focused on new technologies.

We accompany them from the moment of establishing their business to structuring and setting up relations between partners, adjusting contractual relationships with suppliers, customers, employees, and legally covering the entry point of investors or a successful exit point of the business founders.

Entrepreneurs often forget about the correct setting of these legal implications when starting their business or simply do not have enough time and energy. Yet, the initial legal coverage of ideas, investments, or relationships is absolutely crucial for the company's further straightforward evolution. We are here to think about all the necessary aspects connected to your emerging business, so you don't have to.

Real estate and development

Whether you are selling or buying, whether it is a plot of land, a house, or an apartment, we can offer you a fully comprehensive legal service. We will guide you safely through the entire transaction process - we'll revise the reservation contract, prepare or inspect the purchase contract itself, and we'll take care of the proposal and registration of rights into the cadastre of real estate.

We also offer the possibility of setting up a legal depository with us. It guarantees the most flexible and safest way to keep your funds until the entire process is successfully completed. We can also recommend proven real estate agents with whom we have long-term partnerships and who we trust.

Public procurement

Whether you are a contracting authority soliciting supplies, services, construction work, or a contractor who wants to participate in the public procurement procedure, we are prepared to provide you with comprehensive legal advice.

Today, when it is possible to apply for subsidies distributed by the state of the Czech Republic and the European Union, the matter of public procurement is relevant for companies in the private sector.

For contracting authorities, we provide comprehensive administration of the public procurement procedures and tenders to award small-scale public contracts.

We are also able to assist suppliers with the submission of their bids or requests to participate in negotiations with the contracting authority, but also with the submission of their objections to the contracting authority's actions. We can facilitate the submission of proposals or suggestions and subsequent representation in proceedings before the UOHS.

Give us the responsibility of this process that is often overly confusing, and we will guide you through it to a thriving end.

Foreign Law

We provide extensive advice to employers and employees in the field of alien law. In particular, anything that concerns legal support related to the settlement of short-term and long-term stays.

We have experience processing Schengen work visas and employee cards, primarily through the government's Qualified Employee Program. 

We can offer you legal representation in the preparation of employment law documentation and counsel you through the entire process of obtaining a residency permit, including all necessary communication with a person located abroad and the respective consulates or embassies.

We can also offer you our legal representation in securing your rights and legitimate interests, such as lawsuits against decisions of the Ministry of the Interior or the Foreign Police, cassation complaints, etc. We will also advise you on how to change employers within the employee card system or with proceedings related to employee card extensions.

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